All the Details is pleased to announce we will be offering Design Services as part of our continuing effort to support our clients.   In response to many inquiries we have received regarding design advice, we have partnered with some select architects and designers who can provide this valuable service.  The right architect with the right vision can revolutionize the design and model of any project.



Since its inception in 2007, Teo Siguenza Architect PLLC has established itself as a renowned architectural firm in Westchester and Fairfield counties.  Teo’s dedication to architectural design centers on a collaborative approach with the client, consultants and trades.  Working closely with each customer throughout the design process ensures a finished product that excels and is a reflection of this collaborative approach.. 

Teo’s vast work experience and exposure to different styles is sure to satisfy every client’s objectives for their dream home whether new construction or renovation.  His projects are earthy, inspired by the use of natural materials.   Work scale ranges from substantial homes to elegant outbuildings, pool houses and tree houses.

Teo will seamlessly integrate the classic charm with modern elements, using current stylistic and technological amenities of today. He will personally offer guidance and support throughout the entire process from inception through completion of the project.  Clients can expect amazing details and of course the beauty and structural benefits of steel and glass windows and doors.